Fire Performance Cables

Fire performance power cable to BS6837 suitable as fire alarm cable and emergency lighting cable

Fire Performance Cables


CONDUCTORS:It is the current carrying component of the cable.
MaterialPlain annealed stranded class 2 conductor to BS EN 60228
PRIMARY INSULATION:The rated voltage level of the cable depends on the dielectric strength and thickness of the insulation
MaterialMica Glass tape


Voltage Rating:600/1000 Volts
Fire resistance:C-W-Z test as per BS 6387 for small sizes and IEC60331-21 for large sizes which cannot fit in a conduit. Cables comply IEC 6033121 fire test at increased temperature of 950°C which is higher than that specified by the standard.
Cable Operating temperature:Maximum 90°C
Short circuit temperature:Maximum 250°C
Minimum Bending Radius:12 x Cable diameter


IEC 61034 & BS EN 50268:Low smoke emission
BS 6387:Fire resistance C-W-Z test for small sizes
IEC60331-21:Fire resistance C-W-Z test for small sizes
IEC 60754 & BS EN50267Acid gas emission


1 coreRed, Black, Yellow, Blue, Green/Yellow. (Other Color as per specified standard can also be manufactured)


1. Areas where people will remain in occupation for short time, e.g. schools, shopping malls, mass transit systems like metro stations etc.
2. Services where circuit integrity is very important under fire conditions, e.g. Special equipment in hospital
3. Essential safety circuit, e.g. Fire detection, fire alarm, voice alarm etc.
4. Power supply to equipment used in fire-fighting, e.g. Sprinkler pumps
5. In large buildings where fire strategy involves evacuation of occupants in a phased manner.

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